Energy Concepts

Energy Concepts

We are surrounded by our energy aura, we breath in energy and our bodies need energy to thrive. Our energy is our life force or spirit. Our emotions run on energy. How we think can affect our energy in many ways. Everything around us can be viewed as a form of energy. We all have to live with the fundamental laws of energy. Understanding energy in its simplest of definitions can help us break through self-destructive patterns.

The simplest definition of energy is to understand that it has a vibration and a charge. Think of the vibrational pull on a horizontal or left to right axis. The more we vibrate to the left the closer we are to our energetic side or spirit. The more we vibrate to the right the closer we are to our physical being or environment. The charge represents positive, neutral and negative. Think of these on a vertical axis. Positive is up and negative is down.

Our vibration level is determined from how we live out our life. Our energy has a vibrational level that it is “used to” vibrating at. So, when we make a change and want to vibrate closer to the energetic side, the “old energy” tries to pull the “new energy” back to its old position. Enter our energy tools and techniques. We use these to help the old energy transition to the new desired level. The more the tools are utilized the more likely this change will become the new “status quo”.

Our energy’s charge basically starts off neutral. We assign its charge based off of our experiences, feelings and other factors. We do have control over this. It is how we think that gives us the most control of our ability to be positive or negative. The more we watch the words we use in our thoughts the more control we will have. Our thoughts have a big impact on the charge we walk around in. Again, enter our energy tools and techniques. We use these to guide our thoughts to a healthier way of thinking.

Everyone should be constantly building their energy toolbox. Multiple tools may be needed to get any particular habit or change accomplished. Every healer we encounter in our life helps us add in another tool into our toolbox. Healers can take on many forms and introduce us to different modalities. It is our use of these modalities and tools on a regular basis that will help us achieve the changes we desire.

Janelle Spoto, CHt
from Wise Healings by Design

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