The Energy behind Mistakes

The Energy Behind Mistakes

Are mistakes okay? Most of us know, that yes, they are okay, because mistakes are the best way to learn. But yet, we berate ourselves when we make them. Laugh and learn, I say. That keeps your energy high and your momentum moving forward. What about those simple, not so smart mistakes? Those may seem like they are unlearnable from. But if you look at the energy behind them you can realize why they happened then learn and change from that.

A simple example, I just recently made some mistakes on my event listings, emails and website. I really had to look at myself to figure out the energy behind those mistakes. I’m usually really picky about details, double and triple checking what I post. This was a case of, coming off of an extremely challenging surgery recovery. My brain just wasn’t ready to be “perfect” about the details. I’m all about the message that “there is a reason behind this” and I trust in the process that all will work out for the best. So, even small simple mistakes can be turned into a positive learning event for yourself. It is all about the energy you put into learning from them. With that said, if you tried to check out my events recently and came across those pesky mistakes, just letting you know, it is all fixed.

Now, to a more complicated situation. What if one is accused of doing something they absolutely did not do? How are they possibly responsible? What are they suppose to learn other than “poor me”? Think about this. We do attract the energy we put out into our environment. So how are we not responsible? I say own it. Figure out why you are attracting this type of energy. There are multiple reasons why our energy can be “asking” for this type of treatment or any other not so cool situations. It may stem from reinforced behavior or instances throughout life. So, if that type of thing has happened at various other times in your life, then you are “asking” for it! Delving into your past, like through regression or even past life regression, can uncover the “whys” behind such energy. This may unlock the “aha” moment your subconscious needs to learn and let go, allowing you to move away from continuing to attract that energy.

Seek out your “aha” moments in the manner that works for you, so you can move forward, learn and grow. Life is beautiful. Embrace it all.

Janelle Spoto, CHt
from Wise Healings by Design

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