Tale of a Past Life Regression

Past Life Regression takes you to a life in the past before this current life. I love doing past life regressions. It is amazing to hear about the different lives from different times. I have visited several of my own. The healing is very uplifting and empowering. The process can answer questions about yourself you didn’t even realize you had!!

Past Life Regression can help resolve issues with your current life. The negativity that you build up around those issues and feelings can be released through visiting the past life that is affecting them. This healing is much more powerful than just hearing about one of your past lives from an intuitive person. Even visiting a life on your own with self-hypnosis is more effective than just hearing about it.

I want to give an example of a past life and how it affected the people involved. Yes, people you live other lives with are some of the people you are with in this life. When you visit your past life, you will get a sense of who is who. This is also a huge eye opener and can explain a lot of whys around those you love.

The life I’m going to go over was the first life I lived on this planet. My parents from this life were also my parents then. They had nine daughters which were all family members in this life. Myself being the oldest daughter, my brother, my sister, even my husband was one of my sisters! Two of our four kids, two of my brother’s four kids and one of my sister’s two kids rounded out the nine.

Since I was the oldest, I got to witness the birth of my sisters. After the third daughter my Dad started saying “It’s not fair!”, every time another daughter was born. I heard my Dad say that phrase multiple times over the years in this life. He was pretty focused on being fair especially with his kids. This was an issue he brought forward from that life. I know it may seem like a good thing, trying to be fair all the time. But “all the time” doesn’t always work in the fairness world. Life isn’t fair is a saying that is common for a reason!

We did have a situation in this life with “fairness” surrounding funds for college between us three kids. Being the oldest, I was the cheapest where college degrees were concerned. At the time, my sister, who is the youngest had the biggest amount. She was worried about paying back the difference. I put forth my two cents worth and told my parents that a college degree is a college degree, who cares how much it cost. I felt we were all even, we each had a degree, end of story. Trying to be fair with the funds behind the scenes was nice but unnecessary in my book. Honestly, my parents would’ve given my brother and me funds to match those spent on my sister before they would’ve made any of us pay them. I knew that but still felt the same about it, so I spoke up. My Dad actually listened and agreed. Lesson learned! Life just isn’t always fair. Boy, was my sister grateful.

Let’s go back to the cave man life. Life was rough with all girls. There were security type issues. Like we were unable to eat outside our cave during the day. The neighboring men would come over and steal our food. Dad was gone a lot hunting to feed us all. Us older girls did all we could to protect the younger ones. We figured out we could eat well inside the cave at night and be safe. Night eating was an issue that was brought forward to this life for quite a few of us. I know for me, just realizing this, really eased that issue because there was this amazing “why” behind it. Re-living a past life gives these incredible ahh ha moments!

Dad was hunting a lot, like I mentioned. Thankfully, he broke tradition and taught a few of my sisters how to hunt. I, however, learned how to make clothing out of all those skins they brought home. I got very good at it. Over the years, I made a little business bartering for food and other sundries that we needed. I taught a few of my sisters how as well. Our business was a huge blessing to keep us all alive and safe. Attacking those that make your clothes became a big “no-no”! This was a gift that I did bring forward to this life. I love making things, back when our kids were young, I sewed constantly. I will say, I didn’t stick to one craft; I’ve done so many over the years. Currently, I love wire wrapping rocks. We lived in a cave back in that first life. My love of rocks started then! There is another life where that love emerged as well. But that is another story!

Remember our spirit is always the same, it’s who we each are. Each life we live brings on new learning and builds up who we are. That is the point of each life to learn and grow. Heaven is a wonderful place but mistakes and learning, trials and triumphs build our spirit faster. Here’s to many great ahh-ha moments for you in whatever manner you find them!

Janelle Spoto, CHt, CHC
From Wise Healings by Design

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