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About Janelle

Janelle grew up in a small Nebraska town. She graduated from the University of Nebraska at Omaha with a Computer Science Degree. She worked as a programmer for about 10 years. During this time she got married and had 4 kids. Trying to juggle a stressful full time job with 4 kids was, well, too stressful so she decided to stay home and run a daycare. Running a daycare while raising 4 kids worked out well. Though kids do tend to grow up and time came to start working outside the home again. Getting back into programming unfortunately did not work, despite taking a few college courses to get up to speed on current programming languages. She found a few computer related jobs here and there but with the economy and such, she was laid off a couple of times. Since June of 2011 she has been working for a chiropractor, Dr Dale O. Shelton, as his office manager part time here at Shelton Chiropractic. She has enjoyed the holistic healing approach and decided to add to her knowledge by learning Hypnotherapy and the Reiki Energy Healing technique. Since she is also a Psychic she has taken classes under Psychic medium Kelli Miller as well. She plans on combining all three modalities into a holistic healing approach of serving people and the community.

Her journey to be a holistic healer started in March of 2014 when she requested that her sister, Kathy, who can “speak” to animals talk to her dog, Cedric, about the upcoming move that was about to take place. On the way home after Cedric was coached on the upcoming upheaval in his little life, another life changing event occurred. Janelle’s Great Dane, Richochet, who had passed away a year or so prior started “talking” to her. This started a chain of events that lead Janelle on a spiritually enlightened journey that has changed her life. Her psychic abilities were blocked by a fear she could not understand and kept her from sharing her gift with others. She was only comfortable giving readings to immediate family members. In her search to learn more about her gifts she had a reading by Omaha’s Psychic Andy. He instructed her to learn Reiki. She was a bit disappointed with that assignment since she wanted to do what he was doing. So she kept studying psychic phenomena. The Sylvia Browne books really inspired her especially in the area of Past Lives under hypnosis. From instructions in the book she was able to self hypnotize herself and visited one of her Past Lives. She saw relief from symptoms that had plagued her for years. Her own struggle with her weight and the feelings surrounding that has been a constant deterrent in her life. Getting relief was amazing. She knew she wanted to learn all about this. Stay tuned for her blog on her Weight Reduction journey. In her attempts to find reputable hypnosis training she stumbled upon a Reiki Master teacher just down the street from Shelton Chiropractic where she worked. It dawned on her that she was “supposed” to learn Reiki, she was no longer “disappointed”. So she signed up. Learning Reiki was a turning point in her journey which seemed stalled at that time. This event reignited her passion to have her own business in holistic healing.

She found a great Hypnosis school here in Omaha. She earned her Certified Hypnotherapist title and became a Master Reiki Teacher. She also took several Psychic development classes. She was hoping those classes would release her block and let her flourish in that area. But they did not instead her fear seemed even more intense than before. So she focused on Hypnosis and Reiki. Her initial Hypnosis training did not include Past Life training which was very disappointing to her. So she bought books on the subject and started devouring them. Through her own psychic abilities she discovered why her psychic gifts were blocked. It was a past life, of course. Brian Weiss wrote some engrossing books on the subject. One of them had a self hypnosis script to delve into past lives. She was having troubles getting self hypnotized because her psychic abilities would jump in telling her what she was looking for. Through this book she was reminded that psychic knowledge on past lives would not give the relief that “re-living” them under hypnosis does. With the use of this script she was able to go back into that life and remove the block. It was absolutely amazing to be able to use her gift with other people without that debilitating fear she experienced before. She has since become Certified in Past Life Regression. Her intent is to use her combined modalities to help people with a variety of issues. She has already discovered that doing self-hypnosis while in a Reiki session is amazingly productive. Her psychic abilities give her an insight that is greatly beneficial in Hypnotherapy sessions. She loves thinking outside the box and feels that a combination of these modalities will give a therapeutic boost to her sessions.

Janelle is a Lutheran minister’s daughter so she grew up in a Christian atmosphere. She has been a Christian all her life and always will be. Through her spiritual enlightenment experiences her faith has grown and blossomed. She has embraced spiritual insight not all will agree with but that is what Religious Freedom is all about. All her products and services up hold her Christian values as far as she is concerned. Janelle is very much a believer in Religious Freedom and welcomes all and any faiths to participate in her events and services. She in no way will try to convert anybody but she will use common Christian terms when explaining her products and services. She is all about showing love, compassion and respect to all.

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