About Janelle

Janelle grew up in a small Nebraska town. She graduated from the University of Nebraska at Omaha with a Computer Science Degree. She worked as a programmer for about 10 years. During this time she got married and had 4 kids. Trying to juggle a stressful full time job with 4 kids was, well, too stressful so she decided to stay home and run a daycare. Running a daycare while raising 4 kids worked out well. Though kids do tend to grow up and time came to start working outside the home again. Getting back into programming unfortunately did not work, despite taking a few college courses to get up to speed on current programming languages. She found a few computer related jobs here and there but with the economy and such, she was laid off a couple of times. Since June of 2011 she has been working for a chiropractor, Dr Dale O. Shelton, as his office manager part time here at Shelton Chiropractic. She has enjoyed the holistic healing approach and decided to add to her knowledge by learning Hypnotherapy and the Reiki Energy Healing technique. She loves learning and will continue to add to her modalities. She combines those modalities into a holistic healing approach of serving people and the community.

Janelle is a Lutheran minister’s daughter so she grew up in a Christian atmosphere. She has been a Christian all her life and always will be. Through her spiritual enlightenment experiences her faith has grown and blossomed. She has embraced spiritual insight not all will agree with but that is what Religious Freedom is all about. All her products and services up hold her Christian values as far as she is concerned. Janelle is very much a believer in Religious Freedom and welcomes all and any faiths to participate in her events and services. She in no way will try to convert anybody but she will use common Christian terms when explaining her products and services. She is all about showing love, compassion and respect to all.

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