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Tale of a Past Life Regression

Past Life Regression takes you to a life in the past before this current life. I love doing past life regressions. It is amazing to hear about the different lives from different times. I have visited several of my own. The healing is very uplifting and empowering. The process can answer questions about yourself you didn’t even realize you had!!

Past Life Regression can help resolve issues with your current life. The negativity that you build up around those issues and feelings can be released through visiting the past life that is affecting them. This healing is much more powerful than just hearing about one of your past lives from an intuitive person. Even visiting a life on your own with self-hypnosis is more effective than just hearing about it.

I want to give an example of a past life and how it affected the people involved. Yes, people you live other lives with are some of the people you are with in this life. When you visit your past life, you will get a sense of who is who. This is also a huge eye opener and can explain a lot of whys around those you love.

The life I’m going to go over was the first life I lived on this planet. My parents from this life were also my parents then. They had nine daughters which were all family members in this life. Myself being the oldest daughter, my brother, my sister, even my husband was one of my sisters! Two of our four kids, two of my brother’s four kids and one of my sister’s two kids rounded out the nine.

Since I was the oldest, I got to witness the birth of my sisters. After the third daughter my Dad started saying “It’s not fair!”, every time another daughter was born. I heard my Dad say that phrase multiple times over the years in this life. He was pretty focused on being fair especially with his kids. This was an issue he brought forward from that life. I know it may seem like a good thing, trying to be fair all the time. But “all the time” doesn’t always work in the fairness world. Life isn’t fair is a saying that is common for a reason!

We did have a situation in this life with “fairness” surrounding funds for college between us three kids. Being the oldest, I was the cheapest where college degrees were concerned. At the time, my sister, who is the youngest had the biggest amount. She was worried about paying back the difference. I put forth my two cents worth and told my parents that a college degree is a college degree, who cares how much it cost. I felt we were all even, we each had a degree, end of story. Trying to be fair with the funds behind the scenes was nice but unnecessary in my book. Honestly, my parents would’ve given my brother and me funds to match those spent on my sister before they would’ve made any of us pay them. I knew that but still felt the same about it, so I spoke up. My Dad actually listened and agreed. Lesson learned! Life just isn’t always fair. Boy, was my sister grateful.

Let’s go back to the cave man life. Life was rough with all girls. There were security type issues. Like we were unable to eat outside our cave during the day. The neighboring men would come over and steal our food. Dad was gone a lot hunting to feed us all. Us older girls did all we could to protect the younger ones. We figured out we could eat well inside the cave at night and be safe. Night eating was an issue that was brought forward to this life for quite a few of us. I know for me, just realizing this, really eased that issue because there was this amazing “why” behind it. Re-living a past life gives these incredible ahh ha moments!

Dad was hunting a lot, like I mentioned. Thankfully, he broke tradition and taught a few of my sisters how to hunt. I, however, learned how to make clothing out of all those skins they brought home. I got very good at it. Over the years, I made a little business bartering for food and other sundries that we needed. I taught a few of my sisters how as well. Our business was a huge blessing to keep us all alive and safe. Attacking those that make your clothes became a big “no-no”! This was a gift that I did bring forward to this life. I love making things, back when our kids were young, I sewed constantly. I will say, I didn’t stick to one craft; I’ve done so many over the years. Currently, I love wire wrapping rocks. We lived in a cave back in that first life. My love of rocks started then! There is another life where that love emerged as well. But that is another story!

Remember our spirit is always the same, it’s who we each are. Each life we live brings on new learning and builds up who we are. That is the point of each life to learn and grow. Heaven is a wonderful place but mistakes and learning, trials and triumphs build our spirit faster. Here’s to many great ahh-ha moments for you in whatever manner you find them!

Janelle Spoto, CHt, CHC
From Wise Healings by Design

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The Energy behind Mistakes

The Energy Behind Mistakes

Are mistakes okay? Most of us know, that yes, they are okay, because mistakes are the best way to learn. But yet, we berate ourselves when we make them. Laugh and learn, I say. That keeps your energy high and your momentum moving forward. What about those simple, not so smart mistakes? Those may seem like they are unlearnable from. But if you look at the energy behind them you can realize why they happened then learn and change from that.

A simple example, I just recently made some mistakes on my event listings, emails and website. I really had to look at myself to figure out the energy behind those mistakes. I’m usually really picky about details, double and triple checking what I post. This was a case of, coming off of an extremely challenging surgery recovery. My brain just wasn’t ready to be “perfect” about the details. I’m all about the message that “there is a reason behind this” and I trust in the process that all will work out for the best. So, even small simple mistakes can be turned into a positive learning event for yourself. It is all about the energy you put into learning from them. With that said, if you tried to check out my events recently and came across those pesky mistakes, just letting you know, it is all fixed.

Now, to a more complicated situation. What if one is accused of doing something they absolutely did not do? How are they possibly responsible? What are they suppose to learn other than “poor me”? Think about this. We do attract the energy we put out into our environment. So how are we not responsible? I say own it. Figure out why you are attracting this type of energy. There are multiple reasons why our energy can be “asking” for this type of treatment or any other not so cool situations. It may stem from reinforced behavior or instances throughout life. So, if that type of thing has happened at various other times in your life, then you are “asking” for it! Delving into your past, like through regression or even past life regression, can uncover the “whys” behind such energy. This may unlock the “aha” moment your subconscious needs to learn and let go, allowing you to move away from continuing to attract that energy.

Seek out your “aha” moments in the manner that works for you, so you can move forward, learn and grow. Life is beautiful. Embrace it all.

Janelle Spoto, CHt
from Wise Healings by Design

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Energy Concepts

Energy Concepts

We are surrounded by our energy aura, we breath in energy and our bodies need energy to thrive. Our energy is our life force or spirit. Our emotions run on energy. How we think can affect our energy in many ways. Everything around us can be viewed as a form of energy. We all have to live with the fundamental laws of energy. Understanding energy in its simplest of definitions can help us break through self-destructive patterns.

The simplest definition of energy is to understand that it has a vibration and a charge. Think of the vibrational pull on a horizontal or left to right axis. The more we vibrate to the left the closer we are to our energetic side or spirit. The more we vibrate to the right the closer we are to our physical being or environment. The charge represents positive, neutral and negative. Think of these on a vertical axis. Positive is up and negative is down.

Our vibration level is determined from how we live out our life. Our energy has a vibrational level that it is “used to” vibrating at. So, when we make a change and want to vibrate closer to the energetic side, the “old energy” tries to pull the “new energy” back to its old position. Enter our energy tools and techniques. We use these to help the old energy transition to the new desired level. The more the tools are utilized the more likely this change will become the new “status quo”.

Our energy’s charge basically starts off neutral. We assign its charge based off of our experiences, feelings and other factors. We do have control over this. It is how we think that gives us the most control of our ability to be positive or negative. The more we watch the words we use in our thoughts the more control we will have. Our thoughts have a big impact on the charge we walk around in. Again, enter our energy tools and techniques. We use these to guide our thoughts to a healthier way of thinking.

Everyone should be constantly building their energy toolbox. Multiple tools may be needed to get any particular habit or change accomplished. Every healer we encounter in our life helps us add in another tool into our toolbox. Healers can take on many forms and introduce us to different modalities. It is our use of these modalities and tools on a regular basis that will help us achieve the changes we desire.

Janelle Spoto, CHt
from Wise Healings by Design

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Feeling Talk

During my study of hypnosis, we were assigned to read and study the book Titled “The Secret Language of Feelings” written by Calvin D. Banyan. I highly recommend it. This blog will be a report based on this book and what your feelings tell you. Are you listening to your feelings objectively or are you letting them dictate what you do?

The major preface of the book is that all feelings are good. They are just trying to tell us something. It is their language and it is really quite simple. Once learned you can step back, listen and then act based on the knowledge your feelings just gave you. Normally we just react and more often than not we also distract to avoid their message. “Our feelings are a product of our internal wisdom, which is attempting to guide us and motivate us to satisfy our needs, wants and desires. Our feelings are designed to motivate us by providing us with an experience of either satisfaction or discomfort when you feel them, begin to listen to them. They’re attempting to communicate with you They each have a specific message related to a specific need, want or desire.” 1

So how do we understand what our feelings message is? The first step in deciphering their code is to figure out which feeling it is. This can be simple but sometimes can be difficult to do because of our habits of ignoring them, stuffing them and using distractions to avoid them.

The Primary Feelings are:

  1. Boredom
  2. Anger
  3. Guilt
  4. Sadness
  5. Loneliness
  6. Inadequacy
  7. Stress
  8. Fear
  9. 2

The eight listed feelings can be called other names which indicate varying degrees of the base feeling. A good example is anxiety which is a form of fear. There are two other feelings which require mention. Frustration occurs when we don’t take care of our feelings and depression occurs when we don’t listen to our frustrations. If you learn how to take care of your feelings and are able to do what you learned. Your frustration and depression will dissipate.

Remember distracting yourself to not feel is not a positive way to take care of your feelings. Acting on what the feeling is telling you is the positive response you are looking for. So, what are each of those feelings telling us? Let’s go over each of them.

You’ve determined you are bored. You feel you have nothing to do, there’s a piece of your life that is unfulfilling. What this feeling tells you to do is to find activities that are fulfilling to do. A note to mention about this feeling, it is an easy feeling to think you have issues with when it really is an underlying issue.

Make sure you have chosen the correct feeling by looking at the cause of the feeling and it will give you a bigger clue to what feeling you are dealing with.

Plus being bored is easy to use as an excuse to find things to do to take care of this feeling but instead they end up becoming distractions rather than being fulfilling. So, when you draw up your list of activities, try to make sure they really are fulfilling and meaningful to you.

I know it is hard to fathom how anger can possibly be good but it has an important message for you to listen to. Anger is telling you that something or someone is not being fair to you or to someone or something you care for plus some kind of harm might happen as a result. If something is not fair and you have the ability to turn that around then do so in a positive and constructive manner. Just the act of starting to try to turn a situation around positively can be rewarding and dispel the uncomfortable part of that feeling. What if you cannot fix the situation? This is where anger can really become a challenge. “If the situation can’t be made fair, forgive.” 3

The act of forgiveness is honestly more for you to move on from a situation or person who simply is not fair and may never be. You can only control yourself and your actions. Realizing that forgiveness is needed and going through that process will also dispel the uncomfortable part of that feeling.

Now guilt on the other hand is when you feel you have been not so fair to someone and some kind of harm could occur to yourself or someone else as a result. This feeling is basically similar to anger. So, make the situation fair in the most positive way you can. Ask for forgiveness if appropriate and most importantly, forgive yourself for what you did.

Sadness happens when you have lost someone or something that made you happy. If possible attempt to retrieve the lost item or person. Otherwise find new friends or family to replace the loss. Find new items over time to replace the missing ones. Allow yourself to grieve and give that process a reasonable amount of time especially if nothing can be done to retrieve your loss. Remember all things happen for a reason; even loss. The challenge of dealing with said loss can help you grow and learn, especially if you look for that growth and knowledge.

Loneliness occurs when you feel the need to care for someone and have that reciprocated. Now is the time to get creative and come up with different ways to connect with people. The bigger you make your list the more options you have. Then use those options starting with the ones you are most comfortable with. You will need to realize you may have to go outside your comfort zone. These types of challenges are healthy and help develop new skills.

You’re feeling that you just don’t measure up, that you’re just not good enough. When this feeling comes up you really need to ask yourself if you really are inadequate or is this a learned belief based on a past event? “As adults, we may consciously reject it, but since our beliefs are held in our subconscious minds, they aren’t so easily removed through conscious effort. This is why hypnotherapy can be so effective in helping us rid ourselves of such self-limiting beliefs. With hypnotherapy, the subconscious mind can receive and use positive suggestions and remove the erroneous beliefs accepted in childhood.” 4

If you’ve determined that you really do not measure up to accomplish what you want to accomplish then you may need to learn a new skill. Make a plan of action to acquire your new skill.

One of the best skills a person can adopt to help alleviate this feeling is positive thinking. And yes, this is a skill. Really pay attention to what words you use in your thoughts. Knowing that like attracts like, it only makes sense that if you use positive words this action will attract positive results. As an example, even if you think something is “not positive” you are still attracting positive because your sub-conscious does not “hear” the word “not”. But if you thought something was negative then you are attracting negative.

You feel stressed out and have way too much on your plate. Ask yourself if you really have too much on your plate or are you lacking in any skills that would affect your stress level; like time management or co-dependency? Find a class, a book or access the infinite knowledge on the internet and take the steps necessary to learn the skills you identified you were in need of boosting. Otherwise write up a list of goals to productively reduce what is on your plate. Can you delegate? Can you hire someone? Make the list, prioritize it and then take one step at a time to get your stress relief.

Fear takes on many forms and levels. Let it tell you it’s message and realize that is why it is there. It is giving you the knowledge that some type of harm may happen and you may need to do something about it. A strong intensity may indicate that action is needed quickly. If you let it get out of hand, you may miss your opportunity to productively take care of the situation.

Like all the Primary Feelings, fear is good, because it lets you know that you need to take care of yourself and the people in your life. It’s like a voice saying, “You need to take action.” Fear can be identified as the root cause of all the discomfort or emotional pain that we experience. Because it’s the root cause, the message fear has for us is very important. It’s the great motivator and teacher – if we know how to decipher its message. If we don’t, we remain stuck in our pain or in the frustrating cycle of distraction. Emotional pain (fear) is the great teacher. It points away from itself to what needs to be done for a satisfying response. Its purpose is to help and guide us toward a more satisfying life.” 5

What about the well-known statement, fear is the root of all evil? That statement is the reason we should listen to the constructive and productive message that fear has. Since it is a the lowest vibrating feeling, dwelling in it can cause it to grow in exponential ways. Let yourself be driven by its knowledge to keep the fear in its neutral state where it is the most productive.

This brings up vibrations and polarity. Vibrations have intensity, which go high or low. Polarity has a charge, either positive or negative. Feelings are just vibrations. They start out without a charge, they are in a neutral state. You are the one who gives them their polarity. The more you focus on positive thoughts the more your feelings will take on a positive polarity. Even those feelings that easily go to the other polarity, that of negativity, will stay neutral or dissipate.

Another common situation can be where you are dealing with multiple feelings at once. Start with the feeling easiest to deal with or the one with the most urgency and work through the others one at a time. Fear can easily combine with every feeling listed. Plus inadequacy can also combine with all the feelings. Since inadequacy’s best response is hypnosis it goes to show that if you feel inadequate dealing with any of the feelings listed, seeking out a hypnotherapists’ help would be a smart move. Especially if you are still struggling after working the suggestions given here.

As a recap, the process of dealing with feelings starts with determining which feeling it is. Knowing what started your feeling can aide in determining which feeling it is and if you are dealing with multiple feelings. Then step back and use this list to figure out how to take care of those feelings in a positive and productive fashion. Follow and put into action the steps you came up with. Pat yourself on the back for a job well done.

Janelle Spoto, CHt
from Wise Healings by Design 


Reference Book:

The Secret Language of Feelings | by Calvin D. Banyan | 2003 |


1 – pp27-28, 2 – p52, 3 – p85, 4 – pp110-111, 5 – pp129-131


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Repeating Numbers

The Meanings behind Repeating Numbers

Your higher self, your spirit guides or your Angels are sending you messages. What do they mean? At any given time we are usually in a good mood or a not so good mood. The message can take on a slightly different slant depending on your attitude at the moment of receiving the message. Also, your thoughts at the time of seeing the repeating numbers has A LOT to do with the meaning as well. Take this all into context when you are deciphering your message. Make sure to thank yourself, your guides and/or your Angels for getting the message through.

Repeating 1’s, 11, 111, 1111, etc:

Positive attitude:

Your thoughts are changing. Good job on how you choose your thoughts. Keep up the good work. You are staying positive and in the present. This is the start of changing your attitudes for the better. Once your attitudes change your habits follow suit.

This can also mean you are beginning your spiritual awakening. Your thoughts and beliefs are going to another level. This is a beautiful beginning to a wonderful journey of your life and your life path.

Special mention for 11:11:

When you see 11:11 it means your focus on your life path is going in a wonderfully positive direction. Keep it up. Be mindful of your thoughts and keep them positive. Your Angels and guides will continue to protect and encourage you. Make a wish there is a good chance it will come true.

Not so positive mood:

When you see the repeating 1’s and your thoughts are not as positive as you’d like this is a reminder of how important your thoughts are. Just keep on working on changing them in the positive direction. It really is all about how you think. You can make this change. Your life will thank you greatly for it.

Repeating 2’s, 22, 222, 2222, etc:

Positive attitude:

Your intentions are being realized. Keep the faith and focus on your goals. Your manifestations are becoming a reality. Keep your focus positive. Keep up your affirmations and keep up the faith with your wonderful imagination soaring.

Not so positive mood:

Know that you can rise above the obstacles if faith and focus are a challenge. Set goals for yourself. Concentrate on your intention with positive affirmations. Keep your imagination soaring and active. Challenges are good, they are there to help you grow. You are growing.

Repeating 3’s, 33, 333, 3333, etc:

Positive attitude:

Three is a holy number. Your life path has holy origins. Seeing 3’s means you are on the right path. Your body, mind and spirit are all apart of your life path. Keep focusing on all 3 aspects of your soul. Great job at keeping your thoughts positive and focused on the present moment. Enjoy your life path.

Not so positive mood:

Take encouragement when you see 3’s when you are feeling unsure of your direction in life. Realize your body, mind and spirit all need your positive thoughts and your focus on the present, the here and now. Sometimes it is all about taking baby steps. Keep it up, you will get there. Trust yourself, trust the holy guidance offered to you by God, your Angels and guides.

Repeating 4’s, 44, 444, 4444, etc:

Positive attitude:

Four is a powerful strong number which is what Your Angels are all about. When you see repeating 4’s know that they are near. You are supposed to be here at this point in your life. Your intuition is building and gaining in its power and strength. You intuitively know and feel your Angels presence. They protect you and help you stay strong in your resolve to stay positive and grounded in the present. Feel the love and acceptance of where you are at in your life.

Not so positive mood:

Tap into the power and strength of your Angels if you are not feeling powerful and strong in your life right now. When you see 4’s know that you are supposed to be here right now. Your Angels are here full of their power and strength with outstretched hands to share that power and strength with you. Feel it, use it, they are there for you. Let them strengthen your intuition as it is a wonderful guide for your life. Feel the love and acceptance of where you are at in your life.

Repeating 5’s, 55, 555, 5555, etc:

Positive attitude:

Change is in the air. Seeing 5’s indicates a life change is right around the corner. You are growing and change occurs naturally due to your growth. Focus on the positive aspects of any change. Change is good as it is a result of your growth and walk on your life path. You are doing a great job.

Not so positive mood:

Realize all change has a positive side to it if you are challenged by change. When you see 5’s be encouraged and look for the positive results that your change has in store for you. By focusing on the positive and staying in the present you can overcome and grow from any change coming your way.

Repeating 6’s, 66, 666, 6666, etc:

Positive attitude:

Seeing repeating 6’s is all about the energy exchange between Heaven and Earth and between you and your life. This is a positive time, knowing that you will be taken care of. Being content with what you have is a great spot to be in. Gratitude for your blessings is so very empowering, it lets you know and feel that your needs and wants are met with your best interests in mind. Smile, life is good.

Not so positive mood:

Take heart and know that you are being taken care of, if personal wants and needs are a challenge right now. Trust and know that your best interests are always in mind. Stay focused on being positive and in the present. Be content with where you are and be grateful for all that you have.

Repeating 7’s, 77, 777, 7777, etc:

Positive attitude:

Your Angels just sent kudos to you. Your Angels are clapping loud and clear. Congratulations you are doing a great job. Keep up the positive attitude. Your focus on the present is improving wonderfully. Put a feather in your cap for that life lesson you just conquered.

Not so positive mood:

Your Angels think you are doing fabulously why don’t you? When you see 7’s and you’re honestly not in a great mood take a moment to figure out why because you should be. Was that a particularly rough lesson you just conquered? Stand up tall, pat yourself on the back and be thankful for what you learned. Now get those positive juices flowing again. Get your mind into the present. The past is over and the future will take care of itself. Keep putting one foot in front of the other. Sometimes baby steps are simply the best we can do. Know that that is ok.

Repeating 8’s, 88, 888, 8888, etc:

Positive attitude:

The phase you are currently in is wrapping up. Any preparations needed for the next phase should begin. This may be the time you will see rewards for the hard work you’ve done. Invest those rewards wisely go for more long term than short. Good job for seeing yourself through this phase in your life. Take your positive attitude into the next one and hit it head on with gusto.

Not so positive mood:

When you see 8’s and you are a bit down realize the phase you are in is almost complete. It really is time to wrap it up and prepare for the next phase. A positive attitude is most important at this time. You may miss your reward if you’re too busy feeling sorry for yourself. Remember how far being positive has taken you, don’t stop now. Get back in the present and keep on putting one foot in front of the other. Again, sometimes baby steps are simply the best we can do. Know that that is ok.

Repeating 9’s, 99, 999, 9999, etc:

Positive attitude:

The current phase is complete. You did it, great job. Take your positive attitude into the next one and hit it head on with gusto.

It can also mean a global phase has ended that affects you and those around you.

Not so positive mood:

When you see 9’s and you are a bit down realize that this phase or global situation has come to a close. Take heart that your next phase in life is right around the corner. Find that positive energy and bring it with you into the next phase.

Repeating 0’s, 0, 000, 0000, etc:

Positive attitude:

This is a reminder that you are one with God. God’s love encircles you and is in you. Now may be a good time to pray and meditate.

0’s can also mean a situation has gone full circle. What were you just thinking about when you saw the 0’s? Know that God’s love is there helping you to stay positive and in the present.

Not so positive mood:

Feel your oneness with God if you are a bit down when you see 0’s. Feel his love around and in you. Cheer up.

Did a situation just go full circle? What were you just thinking about when you saw the 0’s? Let God’s love guide you back to positive thinking and working in the present.

Consecutive numbers:

Positive attitude:

You have simplicity in your life. This allows you the time to take care of yourself. It is important to keep this simplicity in your life.

Not so positive mood:

Is life so busy you are feeling overwhelmed? It is time to simplify. It is important to have time to take care of yourself. It is time to take steps to do just that.


Positive attitude:

Attention. Your thoughts are in alignment with the creator. There is a message to be heard. Relax so your subconscious can hear it. Your guides and angels like to talk to your subconscious.

Not so positive mood:

Your attention is requested. Your thoughts need to be positively adjusted so they are in alignment with your creator. Your subconscious is trying to guide you. There is a message to be heard. Relax so your subconscious can hear it. Your guides and angels like to talk to your subconscious.


Positive attitude:

You are focused. Your highest expectations are at work with your wants, needs, goals and desires being manifested. Now is a great time to leave your comfort zone and seek out new directions, new projects and ventures you have been thinking about for awhile now.

Not so positive mood:

You have the ability to focus. Know you can focus. Set your expectations high so they can work with your wants, needs, goals and desires and manifest them. Once you are focused it is a great time to leave your comfort zone and seek out new directions, new projects and ventures you have been thinking about for awhile now.


Positive attitude:

You have been working hard and diligently in positive and uplifting ways. Sweet success is yours. Keep up the positive efforts and work happy every single day. Nice job.

Not so positive mood:

Your angels and guides understand that your journey is tough at times. A positive shift in your work habits will make a huge difference. Know that your efforts are important to keep you moving forward. Work on being positive and work happy every single day. You can do it, sweet success is there.

Janelle Spoto, CHt
from Wise Healings by Design