Hypnosis, Meditation and Mindfulness

Hypnosis, Meditation and Mindfulness, Oh my, Workshop

Do you know what the difference is between those 3 terms? We will discuss this and other Holistic Terms like Hypnotic Regression, Reiki, Energy Healing, Releasing Blocks, Limited Beliefs, Unresolved Pathways and more. Do you understand Past Life Regression? What is the Life Between Lives?

What you will uncover at my Free Hypnosis, Meditation and Mindfulness Workshop:

• Learn the differences between Hypnosis, Meditation and Mindfulness.
• Explore other holistic terms and their meanings.
• Discover how Past Life Regression can bring about insight into current life issues.
• Uncover what a Life Between Lives is.
• Learn the difference between Reiki and Energy Healing.
• Hear the facts about hypnosis and have the myths debunked.
• Understand the hypnosis process and how it guides those who utilize it to let go of unwanted feelings and blocks.
• Explore how hypnosis reaches the sub-conscious and guides the process to reprogram those flawed misconceptions we carry around with us.
• Learn how I combine modalities like hypnosis and reiki plus my psychic abilities which will open your mind to the powerful experience combining modalities can give.

Who is Janelle Spoto?

All my life I could “see” events in my family’s lives. I just figured I could see the future of those closest to me occasionally. That was really not unusual in my mind. There are prophecies and predictions all around us. Then later in life our Great Dane that had passed started “talking” to me. My sister is a dog whisperer, so I told her about it. During our conversation my Father-in-law, who had passed many years prior showed up. He also really made me aware of my empathic abilities. The experience literally knocked me to the ground.

This started a journey of discovery and much learning. I was impressed upon to become a Psychic Hypnotist when I read Sylvia Browne’s books. I had a Psychic in town suggest I learn Reiki since I had natural healing abilities. In the process of acquiring this knowledge I discovered the power of combining modalities.

Since then I have added other Holistic Modalities to my knowledge base. I love the empowerment that comes with self-growth through these modalities. I discovered my life path was to bring these gifts to others to guide and assist them in their life discoveries and self-empowerment.

This Event is Hosted by: Psychic Hypnotist and Reiki Master, Janelle Spoto, CHt of Wise Healings by Design

When: Tuesday, April 24th, 2018, 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm

Resolutions and Beyond
11819 Miracle Hills Drive Suite 102
Omaha, NE 68154

The entrance to Suite 102 is in the back of the 11819 Miracle Hills building.

Cost: Free

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