Intuitive Eating Workshop Series



Does constantly thinking about food plague the mind? Does the words “body image” cause anxiety? Irritated with feeling unworthy? Tired of diet culture and all of its rules and restrictions that are impossible to sustain? Do you want answers? Intuitive Eating has the how-to information to navigate all those questions and concepts. My Intuitive Eating Workshop Series not only encompasses the principles of Intuitive Eating, it adds relaxation techniques to infuse and enhance this learning. Discover how to tap into your sub-conscious and realize how powerful this ability can be to super-charge your intuition. Wise Healings by Design will teach you how.

Most of us know the walk with our self, our body and food in life is a challenge. The Intuitive Eating Workshop Series will introduce the above concepts over a period of time, which will help with easing the unlearning of the rules and regulations of diet culture and stop the up and down weight cycle. Sign up today.

The Intuitive Eating Workshop Series has three tiers available to meet the needs of most of you seeking improvement in your walk with yourself, your body and food. The first tier is the Digital Tier. This tier is purely an individual, learn at your own pace tier. Each “workshop” in this tier will be delivered to your email as a pdf along with the relaxation technique audio recording. You will see an email every two weeks until you have received all 12 digital workshops.

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The second tier is the Live Group Tier. This tier will be held in person every other week on Wednesdays from 7pm to 9pm CST via zoom. You will receive an email with the zoom link a couple days prior and the day of the workshop. You will also receive an email the following day with a link of the zoom video recording, a pdf of the presentation and an audio recording of the relaxation technique that was presented.

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The third tier is the One on One Tier. This Tier consists of two options, a 30-minute or 60-minute one-on-one Intuitive Eating Coaching session following each workshop. You will be contacted to setup your one-on-one sessions via email. Choosing this tier automatically enrolls you in the Live Group Tier for free.

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Click here to sign up for the Intuitive Eating Workshop Series 60-minute One-on-One Tier.

Everyone participating in this workshop series is welcome to take advantage of a one-on-one session whenever the need arises. Call, email or text to set up your Intuitive Eating Coaching session anytime. The first session for new clients includes 30 minutes free. See Location & Hours on the Side Bar or below if on a mobile device for contact information.