Intuitive Eating


Does constantly thinking about food plague the mind? Does the words “body image” cause anxiety? Irritated with feeling unworthy? Tired of diet culture and all of its rules and restrictions that are impossible to sustain? Do you want answers? Intuitive Eating has the how-to information to navigate all those questions and concepts. My Intuitive Eating Workshop Series not only encompasses the principles of Intuitive Eating, it adds relaxation techniques to infuse and enhance this learning. Discover how to tap into your sub-conscious and realize how powerful this ability can be to super-charge your intuition. Wise Healings by Design will teach you how.

Intuitive Eating is about building a positive and respectful relationship with yourself, your body and food. It looks at the whole picture and touches on every aspect of your relationship with your body. One focus is getting you back in touch with your biological mechanisms. Your body is highly intelligent, it knows how much food it needs. It has built in mechanisms to let you know when you need food and when you do not. As a human you also have the capacity to enjoy food as well as using it to fuel your body. You are also born with the ability to discern whether a food is good for your body or not. All of these mechanisms have been ignored, shut off or broken from years of diets, weight loss pursuits and disordered eating. Learn how to heal your body, embrace who you are and turn on the intuitive eater you were naturally born with.

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Join the Intuitive Eating Workshop Series for 12 enlightening workshops over a six month period.  Most of us know this part of our walk in life is a challenge. Being introduced to these concepts over a period of time will help with easing the unlearning of the rules and regulations of diet culture and stop the up and down weight cycle.


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