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Improve your mind, body and spirit by utilizing multiple modalities like hypnotherapy and reiki all combined into a wonderful, uplifting, life changing experience.

Modality Combo

My Modality Combo session combines a psychic reading, a hypnotherapy session and reiki into a richer more all-encompassing healing session. I am really excited to share my gifts and guide individuals to heal themselves in a way that most benefits them. This combination of modalities is a beautiful way to accomplish just that. Each of my sessions use these modalities in an order that maximizes the benefits that are being sought after for each individual.

The Mini Modality Combo session is only 45 minutes long and is for an individual session that is not part of a program. The 90 minute Modality Combo session can also be utilized apart from a program. All sessions in my programs are the 90 minute Modality Combo session.

My story behind the birth of my Modality Combo session shows that things happen for a reason. It was complete synchronicity that I learned these modalities in the order that I did. My intention was always to be a Psychic Hypnotherapist. However, my path to that goal was sidelined because my psychic abilities were blocked for the public (I was scared beyond belief!!!) As I was looking for a reputable Hypnosis school, the Lord placed Reiki right smack where I finally could no longer ignore it. What a wonderful modality Reiki is. God gave me the empowerment through the use of Reiki on myself to find my path which seemed lost at the time. When I finally became certified in Hypnotherapy my psychic abilities were still blocked. I was so excited about the benefits of Hypnotherapy that I decided to put that in the Lord’s hands and become the best Hypnotherapist I could be. I then discovered how powerful self-hypnosis was while Reiki was flowing with others working on me or even by myself. My psychic ability allowed me to see the past life holding my abilities at bay but I needed to live it under Hypnosis to be released. Before I even had my Hypnotherapist certificate in my hands (technically the same month it was issued) I was led to regress myself to that life. I emerged a Psychic Hypnotherapist and Christian Medium with a huge drive to combine these modalities in my holistic healing and teaching business. My Modality Combo session was born. Book a session with me now and experience what it can do for you.

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