Wise Healings by Design

Improve your mind, body and spirit by utilizing multiple modalities like hypnotherapy and reiki all combined into a wonderful, uplifting, life changing experience.

Program Descriptions

Self Empowerment Program:

Five 1.5 hour Modality Combo Sessions. Plus learning Reiki I and II will be highly suggested for ongoing self-help.

This program is a five session program with 7 recordings plus self-help tools are explored. The first session is the 1.5 hour Modality Combo session that contains a chat about you and what you want to accomplish, a Reiki and Hypnosis session that focuses on positive changes you want to make. You will receive two recordings for use in the following weeks for self-help purposes, plus using them will aide in your ability to go into Hypnosis more easily and effortlessly in the following sessions. The second session looks more deeply into those positive changes that are desired and brings out and deals with any resistance to said changes. A third recording will be sent to you as well.

The third session is all about your issues in this current life you are living. We will delve into your subconscious and figure out why it is ticking in the manner it is ticking. Then we will go through a process to show your subconscious a much better way to take care of you.

The fourth and fifth sessions are all about bringing it all together for closure. You will deal with others and yourself in two wonderful enlightening sessions. These sessions should closely follow the third session for optimal results. About a week apart is sufficient. You will receive the remaining recordings, one each week, during the next four weeks following the last session. I will be available via phone or email during this time to answer and discuss any questions you may have.

Weight Management Program:

Five 1.5 hour Modality Combo Sessions. Plus learning Reiki I and II will be highly suggested for ongoing self-help.

This program includes everything in the Self-Empowerment Program but the subject is Weight Management. Most of the recordings, 7 in total, have an emphasis on Weight Management. The first session’s Hypnosis subject will be Weight Management and your specific issues with this subject. We will focus on one or two habit changes surrounding this that you would like to accomplish in the first two sessions. The last three sessions will follow the outline given above in the previous program write up.

Most of us know how shedding weight permanently is not an easy process. This program works, however, some of us, me included, want to hang onto old behaviors, beliefs and patterns. The session that delves into positive changes can be repeated for any specific issues. I needed an additional session to clean up my inability to let go. All the work prior was necessary to get me to the point where I was ready and able to let go. I am no longer stuck. I am free and I am happy with the choices I now make to keep myself healthy and positive. Read my story on the about page. Stay tuned for my Blog on my Weight Management story or attend the Weight Management Workshop.

Past Life Regression

One 2.5 hour Modality Combo Session

Going into your past lives can be fun and interesting. It can also bring about healing and insights into this life. For your first Past Life Regression we will delve into one of your past lives. There is some preliminary work that is done on your first visit to get you used to the regression process. Any subsequent Past Life Regressions we can hit 2 to 4 past lives depending on how involved they are. All Past Life Regression sessions are the 2.5 hour Modality Combo session.

Smoking Cessation

Typically, One 1.5 hour Modality Combo Session

Typically one session will do the trick. However, some are emotionally attached to their smoking habits. You will go home with a recording of the Hypnosis that you should use on a regular basis to help the cessation stick. If the second session is needed it will include Reiki and Hypnosis to delve into why you are emotionally attached to your smoking.

Etheric Cord Cutting

One 1.5 hour Modality Combo session

Etheric cords are basically cords made out of energy that we attach to other people, animals, things and events past, present or future. Others can attach cords to us as well. These cords keep us tied to whatever it is we attached it to or whatever attached it to us. The only healthy cords are the ones attached to children we care for. This session we will discover the cords you have attached to yourself and get rid of them. You will receive a recording to take home so you can repeat this process as needed.

Discover the Ability to Let Go / Inner Conflict Resolution

One 1.5 hour Modality Combo session

You will delve into what is behind the inner conflict you are experiencing and find a solution to it’s resolution. You will unearth the ability to let go and release that which holds you back. The goal is to end the being stuck situation and release it. The intent is to get you free and to be happy with the choices you make to keep yourself healthy and positive.

Pain Management

One 1.5 hour Modality Combo session

One 1.5 hour Modality Combo Follow up session is used which includes Reiki for added relaxation prior to the Hypnosis which will help you get into Hypnosis easier especially if you never have. You will also go home with a Pain Management Hypnosis recording to use at home to fine tune your pain management abilities. Eventually you should not need the recording to manage your pain.