My name is Janelle Spoto and I am a Psychic Medium. What does that mean? Well a psychic is one who can talk to your spirit guides with your permission and gain information about your issues, your future, your past lives and your current state of mind. Your guides only tell me what they want you to know. Also there are other avenues of being psychic that I am not even touching on here. I can not read your mind or tell you exactly what is going to happen tomorrow. Being a psychic is by no means an exact science. That being said the more open minded you are the more you will get out of a Psychic Reading.

A Medium is someone who can converse with those that have passed on. A good Medium should be able to give you evidence from the passed individual that gives you cause to believe that they are who they claim to be. The message being relayed should be loving in nature but still reflect their personality.

Intention on both sides is key. My intention is to give you information that will help you grow in your life, in your spirituality and help you find your life path. A positive intention on your end is key to a successful reading. By positive I mean toward yourself as well as me.

My strengths as a Psychic are amplified by the other gifts I have learned and added to my knowledge base. Being a Psychic Hypnotist has great advantages and adding Reiki to the mix brings in a huge Spiritual boost. Most Hypnosis Programs require multiple sessions and in the process I really get to know you. I embrace the process of getting to know people and how they tick. I want to remember your name, who you are and what you are about. I want my time with you to be healing, uplifting and empowering. I want to help you heal yourself and give you tools to continue to do so on a regular basis. I feel that by combining these modalities you will experience this healing in amazing ways and go away with knowledge that will continue to serve you throughout your life.

Please see my About page for more detailed information on who I am.

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