Reiki and Special Needs Individuals

I myself was ADHD as a child. Of course back then those acronyms were nonexistent. I just knew I was different, I didn’t really fit in and I did not know why. We also believe my Dad was ADHD as a child. As they say, it runs in families. Both of my sons were diagnosed with ADHD plus my youngest was also diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome which is on the Autism Spectrum. So I have been dealing with this subject for years.

Boy do I wish I knew about Reiki when I and my kids were younger. It has been a God send for me. I am thankful for its presence in our lives now. I work on my kids as close to once a month as we can. The benefits are amazing. My sleep issues are practically nonexistent. I’ve also seen pain relief, general happiness and well being. My periods of depression have vanished. My Anxiety attacks have lessened. My kids are seeing similar results albeit a bit slower. I do Reiki on myself just about everyday. Time being what time is I can not work on all my kids everyday since they are all grown and have their own schedules to deal with. I do plan on teaching them how to do self Reiki as soon as I can.

That is enough about me and mine. Let’s talk about the subject at hand. Try Googling Reiki and Autism, or Reiki and ADD/ADHD. There are tons of links and so far everyone that I clicked on, which was quite a few, was so positive about the effect Reiki has on this group of individuals. Reiki can never be harmful so it is perfect for kids and adults. Reiki is meant to be compatible with all religions. It also promotes a positive, loving and caring energy to live with. Isn’t that what we all want for our kids and ourselves at any age?

I found this wonderful quote that helps explain Reiki:
As per the Canadian Reiki Association they describe Reiki as the following:
“The word Reiki (pronounced Ray-Key) is a Japanese kanji for universal life-force energy.
Reiki is a Japanese holistic, light-touch, energy-based modality. Working as a support mechanism to the body, Reiki re-establishes a normal energy flow of ki (life force energy) throughout the system, which in turn can enhance and accelerate the body’s innate healing ability. Through a series of hand positions either directly on or just above the body, the energy worker allows for the flow of energy through their body. The client’s body then draws off the amount of energy that is required. The simplicity of a Reiki session may raise some skepticism; however, after experiencing it, many clients keep coming back for more of those relaxing feelings.
Reiki is simple and produces measurable results. It is power, light and love. Reiki transcends the man-made divisions of religion, economics, location, gender, and race.”

Reiki can be used in tandem with any other healing modalities that are chosen to help deal with the symptoms of ADD/ADHD/Autism. Understand that Reiki does not take the place of medical care. It is recommended that one see a licensed physician or licensed health care professional for any physical or psychological ailment one may have. Current studies have shown considerable changes in autistic children who receive Reiki. Reiki helps relieve the side-issues that these individuals face like the inability to fall and stay asleep, anxiety attacks, inability to relax, stress and tight muscles. After a few treatments even behavioral changes are seen.

Reiki can be adapted to accommodate even the most fidgety of individuals. Reiki can be done without touching if the individual is far too sensitive to touch. In other words, Reiki can be customized to fit anyone’s particular needs. I would love to develop a plan for your individual that is dealing with this. Please contact me through phone or email so we can discuss what would be best for your situation. You can also click to set up a session if you feel they will meet your needs time wise.

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