Saved Program Descriptions

Weight Management Program:

Five 1.5 hour Modality Combo Sessions. Plus learning Reiki I and II will be highly suggested for ongoing self-help.

This program includes everything in the Self-Empowerment Program but the subject is Weight Management. Most of the recordings, 7 in total, have an emphasis on Weight Management. The first session’s Hypnosis subject will be Weight Management and your specific issues with this subject. We will focus on one or two habit changes surrounding this that you would like to accomplish in the first two sessions. The last three sessions will follow the outline given above in the previous program write up.

Most of us know how shedding weight permanently is not an easy process. This program works, however, some of us, me included, want to hang onto old behaviors, beliefs and patterns. The session that delves into positive changes can be repeated for any specific issues. I needed an additional session to clean up my inability to let go. All the work prior was necessary to get me to the point where I was ready and able to let go. I am no longer stuck. I am free and I am happy with the choices I now make to keep myself healthy and positive. Read my story on the about page. Stay tuned for my Blog on my Weight Management story or attend the Weight Management Workshop.

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