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Weight Management that Works

Get to and Stay the Weight You Want to Be WEBINAR with Energy Techniques and Tools

In this webinar, you will discover energy tools and techniques to help manage and address weight issues. Come hear Janelle’s story, she knows the feelings that surround weight and body image, because she lived it and used these tools and techniques. This program helped her to get to the weight she wanted to be. Not only that, these tools and techniques helped her maintain her healthy weight. Her message that we are all meant to realize our potential is the driving force behind these tools and techniques. Learn how to get to and stay the weight you want to be with energy techniques and tools. Come start that process and hear how to finish it. Discover the ability to take charge of your life and feel great about yourself.
What you will discover at this webinar:
• How being ready for change is more important than is realized.
• Explore the importance of self-love and acceptance.
• Discover how to choose a lifestyle that is maintainable and supportive of healthy eating and living.
• Hear the facts about hypnosis and have the myths debunked.
• Understand the hypnosis process and other energy tools. How these tools can help those who lack confidence and self-empowerment in their weight management efforts.
• Explore how hypnosis reaches the sub-conscious and guides the process to reprogram those flawed misconceptions which allows the healing process to be more successful and permanent.
• Realize that how Janelle combines modalities like hypnosis, reiki and other energy tools gives a powerful and uplifting experience that promotes positive and permanent lifestyle change.

What you will experience at this webinar:
• Witness one random participant receive an Energy Feedback Checkup digitally.
• Experience an energy building Reiki Digital Share which will combine all the positive energy from all the participants and give everyone an extra boost to jump start the healing process.
• Be hypnotized with positive and affirming suggestions. This will guide the healing process to embrace any healing needed with weight and body image.

Who is Janelle Spoto?
I was raised by parents who were quite successful in their careers and life. They were loving and nurturing as well. Yet a few childhood experiences molded a huge self-esteem issue. My being ADHD also added to that mold. I was a prime target for bullies at school. So, this learned and reinforced behavior of thinking I was not good enough became engrained into me. Food became my chosen way to relieve the pain. It eventually manifested into a full-blown obesity issue. I became obsessed with food. I suffered with binge eating. I even agreed to do Gastric Bypass Surgery about 15 years ago thinking it was my only answer since nothing else worked. A year after the surgery I had lost just over 100 pounds! My outer appearance looked better, even though I never lost all the excess but the inner mind was still in turmoil. A few years after the surgery I was on my way to gaining back what I had lost. Consequently, I did not feel good about myself for years and felt stuck.
Hypnosis, Reiki and other energy techniques and tools, literally guided me to stop the craziness and I took back my life. I have not looked back. I feel great about myself. I’ve lost weight I could never lose even after the Bypass. I’m a good 150 pounds lower than my top weight. The fact that this shy girl can actually stand and talk in front of groups of people is short of amazing. I really feel like a walking miracle. Come hear my story of change and how I used these energy tools and techniques to get there.

Hosted by: Energy Health and Life Coach, Janelle Spoto, CHt of Wise Healings by Design. Janelle is a Certified Hypnotherapist and Usui Reiki Master.


Thursday, March 28th, 2019

7:00 pm – 8:30 pm


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