Why Learn Reiki?

Having someone else give you a healing Reiki session has so many benefits, just think of the benefits if you were able to give yourself a session every day. Even 10 to 15 minutes a day of self Reiki shows amazing results. Reiki has an empowering ability to transform your outlook on life. Its healing adds relief to physical issues as well as emotional ones. What great reasons to make the decision to learn Reiki.

Reiki has three levels of classes. Reiki I teaches the basics and general concepts surrounding Reiki which includes a lesson on Chakras. We also go through how to perform a basic session on yourself and others, like family and friends. The first attunement is performed which opens and aligns your Chakras and allows your Reiki to flow stronger.

Reiki II teaches the symbols and their meanings that Reiki practitioners use on their clients to add an additional level of empowerment to the healing process. There are several techniques we go over as well. The second attunement is administered which opens and aligns your Chakras even more and attunes you to the symbols you learned.

The Master class adds in more symbols and goes over the teaching process and how to perform the attunements including a healing attunement. We also go over additional techniques like using crystals in your healing sessions. In the Master class you will receive two separate attunements.

See the services page for current class dates and times. You can also call and request a class be set up.

Click here for the current Reiki class dates and times with Janelle


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