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Improve your mind, body and spirit by utilizing psychic readings, hypnotherapy and reiki all combined into a wonderful, uplifting, life changing experience.


Upcoming Events and Classes:

Ultimate Take Care of Yourself Workshop Featuring Functional Health and Nutrition

We want you to experience ultimate mind, body and spirit functioning. Learn how to train your brain, read your body clues and listen to your spirit. You can be confident about your mental, physical and spiritual health. Would you like to feel and be confident with your ability to manage your life on a daily basis? Being well and healthy are within your control! Know that you have what you need to solve life’s challenges. Come hear how.

Wise Healings by Design and Shelton Chiropractic are hosting a FREE Workshop by Dale O. Shelton, D.C. and Janelle Spoto, CHt. They have combined holistic modalities together to create a unique experience for their clients. Get your tickets now as seating is limited. For more detailed information and to register click below.

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Holistic Modalities Available

Psychic Hypnotist and Reiki Master Practitioner, Janelle Spoto, has combined some holistic modalities together to create a unique experience for her clients. Each of these modalities can be experienced by themselves or combined for a richer more all encompassing healing session. She also teaches Usui Reiki I, Usui Reiki II and Usui Reiki Master classes.

Modality Combo Sessions with Janelle
Psychic Readings with Janelle
Hypnosis Sessions with Janelle
Reiki Energy Healings with Janelle

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