I am doing a Vlog series on Energy Assistance from our Jewelry. I decided to talk about all the elements that can influence the energy our jewelry puts out and how it can assist us when we wear it. This seemed like a natural addition to my business since I love making Jewelry, I adore Gemstones, I’m all about Energy and I love to talk!

From time to time, I’ll mix it up and add in a Vlog on Lifestyle Behavior Change Themes. This is also a natural addition since I am a Health Coach and Hypnotherapist. I love guiding people to help themselves get out of habits that are not serving them and switch to habits that will uplift and keep them healthy for a lifetime.

Energy Assistance Jewelry Readings

1. Rose Quartz and Prehnite Pendant Reading

Pic of Rose Quartz and Prehnite Pendant. Click to go to its Jewelry Reading.


2. Pink Shell Teardrop Earrings

Pic of Pink Shell Teardrop Earrings. Click to go to its Jewelry Reading.


3. Coconut n Quartz Herringbone Pendant

Coconut n Quartz Herringbone Pendant